THE fact that 5,345 people have signed your petition calling for the continuation of free parking in Newport proves only that a lot of people have an unreasonable sense of entitlement.

Why should Newport City Council provide free parking? No doubt if you launched a petition demanding free beer in the city’s pubs that too would draw a lot of support. The council have given their reasons why free parking is unsustainable and they seem fair enough to me. However, if any of those who signed your petition sincerely believe that providing free parking is so important they should write to the council (and the Argus) listing those essential services which they think should be cut to pay for it. We are living in economically straitened times. There are families who have to choose between buying food and keeping warm. A few families are going to be made homeless. In such circumstances to make such a ridiculous fuss about a parking fee of £1 for three hours is perverse and morally offensive.

Clive Shakesheff Lewis Way, Chepstow