THROUGH your letters column I would like to thank the shoppers at Sainsbury’s in Newport who gave so generously to the Christmas charity collection made by members of the Rotary Club of Newport Uskmouth.

On the two Fridays and two Saturdays prior to Christ-mas the amazing total of £2,855 was raised, all of which will go to the carefully chosen charities and good causes supported by Newport Uskmouth Rotary.

The vast majority of this money will be used to benefit people in Newport itself such as projects to support Young Carers, continuing work in Duffryn and much more. At a time of austerity when people are concerned about their own incomes it is so heartening to know that they can still give to those in need. So thank you the shoppers in Sainsbury’s Newport - and thank you, too, to the staff of Sainsbury’s that support our charitable efforts, not only at Christmas but throughout the year.

Colin Mason President Rotary Club of Newport Uskmouth