FOLLOWING on from Wayne Thomas in the letters page on the 15th January, I have followed the news on television and in newspapers for a while, and have noted the similarities between the government’s policies and its attempt to justify them, to the way that Hitler came to power and maintained that power for a number of years. The systematic way in which the coalition uses newspapers and television to perpetrate their idea that there is a race problem, union problem, an old person problem, disabled problem, European problem.

Setting one group of the population against another seems to be the way that this coalition is determined to create strife and disorder in order to put their policies into the statute book. There is never a bankers’ problem, management problem and financial problem that is deemed serious enough to require legislation. We cannot allow this, the most right-wing government that has ever come to power in Britain, to create a country of embitterment and jealousy.

W.D. Gange Greenhill Road Pontypool