I WOULD just like to say that while I sympathise with the parents whose children from Brynglas have been told that it may be that their children have to transfer over to Crindau because of the falling number of pupils, why do they think it’s a bad decision? It is costing X amount of money to maintain, heat, staff etc. You cannot just keep it going because of history or memories, as we have all learnt when it was decided to do the same to Hartridge High School, which like as these parents fear, has been stripped of its name and uniform but, to move forward, this had to be done and they know we have a new name and a brand-new school, but loads of us, past and present, still have good memories. We have lost loads of primary schools in Newport in the last century but we have to consider the children’s education, not ours, so as much as we all do not want change it has to happen.

Mrs J Berry, Oxford Street Newport