WAYNE Thomas is certainly correct regarding the Con/Dem government’s ideological attack on the poor.

Tactics used are obvious, namely, using the right-wing reactionary press to divide and rule working-class people, eg the working poor against the unemployed; private-sector workers against public; non-disabled against disabled; white against black and heterosexual against homosexual people (etc). This sowing of hatred in a time of an ideological “austerity” (rollback of welfare and public services which are then privatised for private profit) helps deflect the blame from mega-rich corporate ruling-class élite who are actually to blame for creating massive poverty because of their greed!

Given the obvious inequalities in wealth created by the capitalist economic system the solution is obvious! It’s a pity that Gwent’s councils are falling over themselves in a rush to cut public services. This siding with the mega-rich to do their bidding reveals perhaps a lack of political analysis or maybe they just don’t really care who suffers from the imposed cuts?

Terry Banfield Cardigan Crescent Cwmbranj