SHOULD Paul Flynn resign?

His constant emphasis on London and royalty is alienating local people. He has been in London too long. He might take some note: our NHS is in meltdown, Newport is dead, or at least dying from criminal city council neglect, Wales has no jobs to offer anyone, special needs support is being taken away from disabled children and disabled adults are having care homes closed down. In April thousands of Newport social housing tenants will be plunged into poverty, some will be taxed for not taking total strangers into their home, yet cannot be offered alternatives, and food is being distributed daily to Welsh people who cannot afford to eat or feed their children, while the elderly are confined to one room, unable to heat their homes. We need an MP who at least notes the area he was elected to represent, and isn’t trying to set some record for the most wasted time in Parliament via EDMs.

Mervyn James Kensington Grove Newport