I WOULD like to know why the Labour administration in Cardiff Bay sees fit to spend huge amounts of tax-payers’ money on the archaic Welsh language that is spoken by such a small minority of the Welsh population.

S4C alone receives over £100 million of taxpayers’ grants, with their highest-rated show pulling just a handful of viewers. Surely if there was any sort of demand it would be self- supporting, being able to generate revenue through advertising? £5 million given to authors to write Welsh books, £25,000 to produce a Welsh phone app which was downloaded by just 1,000 people, £313,000 of voting papers for the police commissioner elections simply tipped in the bin because they were not bilingual at a time when street lights in Newport are being turned off and libraries shut to save a few pounds.

Books nobody wants to read, apps nobody wants to download and TV channels nobody wants to watch. I have written to my MP, Jessica Morden, to ask how she justifies this when the city she claims to represent is in a shocking state, she sent a reply saying she could not answer and has referred my letter to John Griffiths, AM, a month has gone past and I am still awaiting an answer, but then again, how can you defend the indefensible?

Chris Bradley Caerleon Road Newport