IT ONLY took us an hour and Pops and I had cleared my parents’ path and driveway of snow. Work was out, jobs needed to be done and the exercise was reward enough. Still with plenty of energy after Mother’s hearty breakfast, I decided to check on next door and the three elderly ladies in the street. They were all fine, so I cleared their paths and got some victuals from the local shop. No biggie.

It came to light that I wasn’t the first to go knocking on doors. Just before me, there had been some opportunistic canvassers going around trying to extort money for the same thing any able-bodied neighbours should be doing for one another. So I make a vow right now. Anytime I see scumbags trying to make money out of the vulnerable in my community, or anywhere else for that matter, they will be the ones who will lose out. I will hit them where it hurts the most, right between their wallets. So watch out corrupt politicians, avaricious solicitors, rogue businessmen and bankers, you’re next! Yours communally, The Caked Crusader.

Simon Hill Highfield Road Newport