MY grandfather, Henry Davies, was born in Christchurch and died in Redwick. He was a Crimea War hero, and also served in India, Malta, and Australia. He had a colourful career, and won medals in the battle of Inkerman, Sebastabol, and Alma, and from the Sultan for rescuing an injured officer of the Glosters.

In 1906 the Argus featured in an article about his army service, and the following year reported his funeral. My wife and I would like to place a plaque somewhere in Redwick/Magor/Christchurch to commemorate his services to his country. If any readers have any knowledge of the family, we would be grateful if they could contact us. We lost contact with my aunt, Joan Brenchley, who lived in a retirement home in Magor, some years ago; some of the family may remember my trade union activities in Llanwern steelworks.

Ray Davies Pandy Road, Bedwas, Caerphilly