COUNCIL taxpayers’ will face a hefty bill over the compromise deal for top officers at Caerphilly County Borough Council.

It will cost more than £1.1 m over four years, which is the equivalent of 2 per cent on council tax. Based on the current Caerphilly council Band D rate of £897.84 at present, 2% extra would add another £17.96 on bills. Labour agreed this deal to get them out of the hole they had dug themselves in. And just for the record, Plaid councillor James Fussell did not vote for the original pay deal – it was pushed through by four Labour Cabinet members – some representing the most deprived wards in South Wales. I urge the council Labour leadership to ensure council taxpayers do not pick up the bill for this pay debacle.

Coucillor Colin Mann Leader of Plaid Cymru group