TORFAEN council has appointed a private company, XFOR, to patrol the borough and issue fines for littering, dog fouling and smoking illegally. XFOR is a private fines-for-profit company that exists to make money.

The more penalties they issue the more they get paid, so it’s not hard to see where their motivation is going to lie. I’m sure the council would be delighted if everyone just meekly complied with this but the fact is we don’t have to. If approached by these ‘Enforcers’ remember, they are NOT the police. You do not have to give them your name or address if requested and they cannot make you. You are free to simply walk away. They are not allowed to use force or to impede you if you choose to leave. We all want clean streets, but that’s what street cleaners are for. Stand up for freedom and civil rights and resist these strutting job’sworths at every turn. Make their lives as difficult as possible and force them out of our borough. Only idiots vote for less personal freedom.

Bob Rogers Wellington Road Talywain