THE news that Blaenau Gwent schools may have been supplied with ceffylburgers begs several questions;

First, I seem to remember the Education Department loudly trumpeting the fact that it had introduced a compulsory healthy eating policy across all of the borough schools. Since when have burgers, be they made from beef or the loser of the 3:30 at Chepstow, been defined as a healthy food? This scandal seems to be growing daily so why are we assuming that BEEF products are the only ones affected? What about pork, lamb, fish and fowl, and particularly processed foods containing these, such as pork pies, pasties, kebabs, fish fingers and, dare I mention, RATatouille? What action are our officials, and the Welsh Assembly, taking to ensure that ALL the foodstuffs we buy are what they say on the label, and, more importantly, safe to eat?

Ian McNicholas Excelsior Street Ebbw Vale