I AM indeed astonished to read Cllr Charles Ferris’ comment in “Arts protesters gather to save city mural”, SWA February 23.

His words are totally at variance with those in his letter published in SWA April 17, 2012, in response to a letter I sent earlier, asking that the city council tries to save the mural, as agreed with earlier developers Modus. Being part of the previous Tory-led administration here’s what he wrote then: “I would have liked to have seen the original work preserved but this is no longer a viable proposition, as the wall on which it is situated will cease to exist in the new development. The world has changed since 2008 financial crash and redevelopment for our city centre is the prime objective for Newport’s future prosperity.” What exactly has changed since April 2012, Cllr Ferris, except that your party are no longer in charge of Newport City Council?

Cllr Miqdad Al-Nuaimi Stow Hill Ward