WHY should we fight same- sex marriage? Is there really that much at stake? After all, only a very small proportion of the population would be customers for such. Can we learn from other countries where same-sex marriage has been legalised? Canada is a good example once the legalisation was passed, “if the large numbers of gay people failed to take advantage of the law, the law certainly took advantage of its critics”.

Human rights tribunals have prosecuted those who indulged in free speech, by publicly dissenting from same-sex marriage. This includes individuals writing to local newspapers. Basically, in Canada even expressing disagreement with same-sex marriage has become illegal discrimination that will not be tolerated. Redefining marriage will be a state creation, generated by the state’s power to invent or redefine everything. I agree with the comments stated by Malcolm Richards (Argus, Feb 22,) that current legislation is sufficient for gay couples and same-sex marriage is not needed. Canada now allows only certain brands of diverse thought. Christian family virtues aren’t among them. Nor will our British values of free speech and fair play long survive in the gay new world being planned for us all.

Norman Plaisted Vivian Road Newport