I FEEL I just have to write to enlighten other readers about the extortion going on in our museums.

My daughter and son-in-law took their daughters, Mya, aged eight, and twins Hannah and Taylor, aged six, to the National History Museum in London. It was a day out but also an educational trip for the twins as they are currently studying dinosaurs in school. Luckily my daughter took sandwiches with her because they decided to stop at the museum café for a cup of coffee for themselves and crisps for all of them. My daughter could not believe how much she had to pay for two coffees and five crisps – it was £21.90p, £5 for each cup of coffee and £2-odd for each packet of crisps.

This is absolutely ridiculous, how can they justify that? I just feel that I can, warn other parents who do all they can for their children, but who are on a budget, that at hungry times, go out of the museum, have refreshments, then go back in as admission is free!

Shelagh Davies Greenmeadow Cwmbran