THOSE car-owners hardy or desperate enough to fight their way past the council anti-shopper traps into Ebbw Vale town centre may have noticed that our beloved leaders have found yet another way to waste our council tax – they have erected a new climbing frame for the local drunks and hooligans opposite the post office!

Notwithstanding the stunning originality of thought that has erected yet another Welsh Dragon in Wales; I cannot help wondering how much of our taxes was spent on this new ziggurat, perhaps our councillors would care to enlighten us? It would have been much more useful it they had turned that piece of wasteland into a free car park, which would have been extremely handy right opposite the main post office, where there are currently only two spaces within walking distance for a disabled person, both usually full.

Even better would it have been if they had spent the money on repairing some of the massive potholes which litter the borough’s main roads, such as the potentially-lethal one currently at Cemetery Corner, which I would have thought, it being IN the current road alterations perimeter, would have been very quickly repaired by the contractor working there under their duty of care to protect passers-by.

But, I regret I am not surprised, our councillors have always had a very strange set of priorities, always preferring hare-brained self-aggrandisement schemes to maintenance of our infrastructure. When will they ever learn?

Ian McNicholas Excelsior Street Ebbw Vale