WHAT a sad indictment of the National Health Service in Wales when people are forced to dip into their life-savings for operations (Argus, January 2) because of delays in treatment.

The founder, Aneurin Bevan, a proud Welshman and Labour icon couldn’t have visualised in a thousand years how his “socialist dream” could be so desecrated and degraded to its present state.

And even worse in his own country, and by his own party in harness with Plaid Cymru, that supposedly staunch of Welsh ideals. The Welsh Assembly government has had ten years to get its act together.

Most of it under a Westminster Labour administration, so the Tories can’t be blamed for everything. Instead of financing dubious retail schemes and even more dubious charities, it should be concentrating on this country’s health, education and transport.

Mr A Greenhalgh Ross Street Newport