WELL it seems that the Welsh Assembly’s decision to impose on us all in Wales the presumed consent of the organ donation law has been a dismal failure in getting Welsh people to accept it. Their failure comes even after many public consultations where they would not allow opposing views to be aired and even implanted people in the audience to support their dictatorial views.

It now seems that we are to be bombarded from this week with a media campaign that at first will be digital and then in the more traditional media for many months. This clearly shows that the Welsh Assembly have not convinced the Welsh public that this law is good in any way; in fact it is the opposite in that it gives those that are desperately in need of a transplant false hopes of their salvation where it will in fact be more of a benefit to those in other UK countries and Europe.

The Welsh Assembly and its arrogant leadership should realise they don’t own people’s bodies and we will in the future see how many hypocrites are amongst them and those members of their families who opt out of this new law.

Shaun McGuire Mole Close Bettws