THE NEWPORT Labour-led council hardly ever says or does anything to cheer up the long-suffering Newport council-taxpaying citizens, but the allegations (Argus 6.1.14) by Labour councillor Miqdad Al-Nuaimi that education cabinet member, Labour councillor Bob Poole, is “arrogant and prone to make rash judgements” is hilarious! The best laugh I have had so far this year.

This “stinging attack” is so hypocritical. What a moaner! Just like many of his colleagues, Cllr Al-Nuaimi was taught “arrogance” by the former Newport Labour leader Harry Jones, to the detriment of our once excellent city. I recall Cllr Al-Nuaimi, when chairman, arrogantly refusing a planning committee site visit before the Glebelands Park School and housing development began. Also “prone to make rash judgements unbecoming of his position”? I wonder what Newport Labour followers have to say about their “moaning” representatives now!

Brian Donovan Darlington Court Newport