WELL, as predicted, any future Labour government will implement cuts to public services, welfare (etc) and continue with the ideologically driven Con/Dem government’s austerity programme. Being pro-capitalist (like UKIP) the Labour party will cheerfully accept neo-liberalism and the dictates of a global corporate elite and their institutions (IMF, World Band, etc).

The claim given by Labour controlled councils that they are against the cuts but have to carry them out is exposed as a lie of Pinocchioesque proportions. So where do the local government unions stand on this issue? Are they content running around oiling the wheels as their members are given the order of the boot? Are their members willingly implementing cuts to services using the worn out excuse that “we have to follow orders”? Whatever happened to the famous “memorandum of understanding” which was to put “red water” between the Senedd and Westminster? (The water is red because the corporate sharks are feeding in it) I daresay the bailed out bankers and the CEOs wallowing in dosh won’t give a hoot about the poor queuing at the foodbanks. It seems the Labour Party and the unions don’t either?

Terry Banfield Cardigan Crescent Cwmbran