OBVIOUSLY, the great majority of Welsh citizens who use English as their first language want Wales to prosper and succeed in industry, jobs, sport, tourism, public services, etc. So why are millions spent forcing the ancient Welsh language on our struggling country? This month, S4C TV has gifted (from our TV licence fee?) a “grant” of £56,000.00 to Bangor University for new Welsh language computer facilities – “to ensure the (antique) language flourishes in the 21st century” – according to First Minster, Carwyn Jones who is enjoying a trip to Africa. I wonder if advanced and progressive countries using English as the first language would entertain this costly waste of public money. Would Australia impose the Aborigine language on the majority (and road signs?), would New Zealand force the Maori language of the majority of English speakers, and the USA. force the Red Indian language on the massive English speaking population? Is there a fiendish plot to split Wales, penalising and jeopardising the future of English speaking Welsh citizens, especially our prospective young talent!?

Brian Donovan Darlington Court Newport