THE SAYING goes ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Rugby was being played in Wales as an amateur sport for more than a hundred years.

As the national sport of Wales there were a lot of teams that formed a good league in Wales, now only four considered top teams are alive.

And look what is happening now: the four top teams are slowly dissolving; Barry John’s “Wales is becoming a breeding ground for international rugby players” is a fact; the thin end of the wedge is opening.

If it continues, soon all the best players will be playing for French or English club teams: surely this is the start of destruction for a good Welsh team.

Will it come where players will be freelance, go out and make their own contracts?

It’s all about money now and when sport, money and men mix, what hits the fans? Why doesn’t the WRU work on making it equal payment for all the teams in the six nations so that all clubs get a fair deal? I think it is very easy for the WRU to kill what was a great thing in Wales.

Graham Caffyn Alberta Canada