THE LETTER from Julian R Powell hardly does him credit.

Jesus Christ did not come into the world just to die. He came to reveal the righteousness of God; to declare and make manifest the name of God, and also to conquer death and fulfil his destiny in finally saving the world from itself.

He also came to deal with the awful fact of human sin and to show us that while God cannot overlook sin, he is more than willing to forgive it.

There are also those who have taken time and trouble to find out about Jesus Christ. One was Sir Isaac Newton who wrote four million words on Biblical prophecy alone. Einstein saw some of this and was deeply impressed.

In 1930 Frank Morison set out to discredit the gospel records and became convinced of their truth. He wrote a book called Who Moved The Stone? Sir William Ramsey also set out to discredit the New Testament writings and became a world authority on the writings of Luke. There is much more.

There is such a thing as common decency. Could Mr Powell please consider this before he ridicules the followers of Christ. They have done him no harm.

Tom McCarthy Gaer Park Parade Newport