IN their evidence to the Silk Commission, the Labour in Wales Welsh Government wanted to see the National Assembly gain full control over all matters relating to Welsh water, yet in the final stages debate on the Water Bill last week, on Plaid Cymru’s amendment, every single Labour MP from Wales failed to turn up. Whether we are talking about energy, water or devolving Air Passenger Duty to Wales, the First Minister says one thing in Cardiff while Labour’s London based-MPs say something different.

Water is one aspect of our nation’s wealth of natural resources that our people are unable to benefit from its use due to the UK Government holding the power of veto over all matters relating to Welsh water. Control over our water needs to be transferred from Westminster to the National Assembly, so any wealth generated from its extraction, exploitation and export benefits our nation.

Labour, in Westminster or Wales, is only interested in conforming to the cosy Westminster consensus instead of putting the interests of the Welsh economy and people first.

Jonathan T Clark Allt-yr-yn Heights Newport