I AGREE with Andrew Willie, the King’s Head (aka Kings) Hotel, Newport, would be an ideal site for a museum. The hotel site (early Victorian) was probably built on the site of a medieval hostelry.

At £1.5 million it would be a good investment for the city to consider purchasing. It would probably take several millions to convert into a museum and art gallery. This conversion would probably be sufficient for the exhibition of Newport museum’s current collection.

However, I would suggest that some buildings adjacent to the hotel (in Dock Street) be demolished – they are an eyesore – and replaced by a small, modern office block, whereas the ancient pubs in Market Square should be renovated and preserved.

I would suggest that the Newport Indoor Market should be converted into an annex for the museum and used to store, say, the ‘Newport Ship’ and other marine artefacts.

In my opinion, Newport Indoor Market is unsustainable. A museum would attract far more business to the city centre than the indoor market.

Brian Hayes Clearwell Court Newport