I, LIKE many others I suspect, are sick up to the back teeth with the likes of members of the House of Lords and members of Parliament ripping the likes of us off, in receiving funds and expenses for which they are not entitled to.

They imply, and quite openly state, that what they receive is (within the guidelines), what a load of codswallop, the majority abuse the system so blatantly that it beggars belief in how they can and do openly get away with it.

Do these people not know the meaning of morality?

The present Con/Dem government repeatedly blame the last Labour government for the present situation, they and others should realise that much of what the Labour government were subjected to was to rectify the previous 18 years of the Conservative government that created the total devastation of Wales, and other parts of the country.

The second homes they apparently use are indirectly owned by the state, do they in fact pay for bedrooms they do not use, the same as other council tenants?

Ken Holder Hill Street Risca