HELLO Mr Banfield. I was wondering when you would enter the “scoffers” debate.

You, as an atheist, will obviously ridicule Biblical truths because atheists simply don’t believe in any, as you would call it, God or religious philosophy.

What a boring life!!

My Bible, which is the bestselling book in the world, declares that there will be “scoffers” in the days that we are living in (2 Peter 3). Scoff on Messrs Powell and Banfield, but just thank God that he is patient with you not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

Hang on a minute. An atheist “coming to repentance”. Yes, it has been known.

I am sure that every Christian reading these articles in Newport and other areas will be praying via an omnipresent God that today’s “scoffers” will be tomorrows “proclaimers” of the Gospel of Good News.

Malcolm Stafford Gwaun Cord Bridgend