Bedroom Tax - Tenants can appeal and win!

THROUGHOUT Wales, tenants are organising and fighting back against Westminster’s bedroom tax. The policy is defined not only by its cruelty, but also its incompetence. It appears to be a shoddy, ‘back-of-a-fag-packet’ measure that is unravelling in the courts and the media. This throws up all sorts of opportunities for those affected.

Consequently; if you have lived in the same property since January 1st, 1996 or before and have been in continuous receipt of housing benefit (full or just one pence per week), in meeting these two conditions you are almost certainly exempt from the bedroom tax.

The same will apply if you inherited a tenancy on the same basis.

Newport Against the Bedroom Tax urges all tenants within this category to appeal. The process is simple, free and, if successful, not only will you no longer have to pay the bedroom tax but you will be refunded the difference since April or its equivalent in arrears.

If you are not covered by this regulation, you might also be able to appeal on the grounds of room size, room use, disability/illness or family relationships. Either way, we can help – please contact via email

Hannah Crew - Newport Against the Bedroom Tax and Jamie Insole – Cardiff & South Wales Against the Bedroom Tax