I THINK Brian Donovan’s recent attack on the Newport Labour-led council is a little unfair in the sense that many of the issues he attacks them for were handled in no better way than the previous Con/Lib Dem coalition.

However, he is right in suggesting that certain elements within that group do come across as arrogant and a little patronising. In the old days most local councillors were in it for altruistic reasons, and were handy if you needed a garden gate repairing or you needed a supermarket trolley pulled from the reen behind your house.

These days they are well rewarded, especially if they are in charge of a specific committee. The leader does appear to be dismissive/contemptuous of outside assistance following his reaction to the recent list of potential ways of improving the town. The lady from the Gaer went missing at the height of the mural controversy, and when finally pinned down took the stand of “it’s not me, gov, it’s the other lot”.

The recent re-writing of political history from one of the Lliswerry members also left a lot to be desired. While we are all aware that the financial constraints the city is facing are difficult, the social, structural and economic problems don’t appear to have been managed too well.

The core of the Labour group, I am sure, is more than capable of turning things around but they do have to look at their presentation skills. It must also weed out those who have been found wanting and those who while they may have been hard-working in the past are not what’s required of a modern-day councillor. It’s not about age, it’s about being proactive and being up for a fight in the very difficult period that the city now faces.

S P Noble Ty-Canol Cwmbran