I WOULD like to apologise to readers for some errors that I made in my letter published in the South Wales Argus on January 9 2012 re “Plaid’s Car Loans”.

To correct any misunderstanding, I should have referred to these unlawful payments as Essential Car User allowances and not “Car Loans”. These allowances were paid to officers of Caerphilly CBC in April 2012 during the Plaid Cymru administration. Also, I wish to correct the fact that this matter was reported to the Wales Audit Office by the acting Chief Executive. I apologise again for these inaccuracies, however I am sure that your readers will be happy in the knowledge that these payments have been stopped, have been considered unlawful and the matter will come before council for deliberation in the next few weeks.

Cllr Roy Saralis Penmaen Ward Blackwood