I GENERALLY support Dame Rosemary Butler’s views on WAG, but her latest suggestion that more AMs are needed frightens me. There are many people unhappy with the formation of the Assembly as it is. To add another 20/30 members, on the basis WAG will soon get more powers, is re-lighting the anti torch.

Not only would this mean more costs but you can bet that more staff will be needed to add to the 5,000 plus now in post. I can see no justification whatsoever for an increase. I have only ever seen one AM in this area, and that is only when an election is due and they want your vote.

On the face of it Wales is vastly over-governed – community councils for some, unitary councils, WAG, Parliament – and another tier rarely seen in the flesh – the European Member. The cost is ridiculous and I wonder why so many representatives are needed, and why they keep on whinging that they need more of them.

Jim Dyer Stockton Road Newport