IT’S revealing that Malcolm Stafford ignores the question of “original sin” and the use of corporal punishment. May we conclude that he sees nothing wrong in adults hitting children as chastisement? We should not be surprised if this is so as suffering and pain are central to Christian belief.

The Christian premise is that Jesus has himself crucified for our sins to ensure that his father, who was also with him, would grant believers redemption and future heavenly immortality. (Non-believers will go to “Hell!”) Is it morally sound to believe that the suffering of another person can make our wrong-doings disappear? There is something deeply immoral about the concept of vicarious redemption, the idea that the suffering of another person can replace personal responsibility!

Christian morality is incompatible with our modern attitude to justice and ethics. I have no qualms in rejecting the Jesus “personality cult” which requires people to love their “dear leader” unconditionally. Such submissiveness and blind obedience to authority is the very basis of totalitarianism and is abhorrent!

Terry Banfield Cardigan Crescent Cwmbran