DURING the forthcoming European Elections the public will hear constantly how voting UKIP will affect the so-called main parties. What’s wrong with that, we ask ourselves. A vote for UKIP means you get UKIP. Their argument is not about policies, but telling you that voting UKIP will allow the other to win.

We in UKIP oppose the European Union and you may well ask why we then stand for elections and have MEPs. The answer is that if we had no representatives the public would have no voice and indeed no idea on what was happening within the confines of the EU. The “cosiness” of the Lib/Lab/Con club certainly does not want the British public to have any say on matters whatsoever or indeed any idea on what goes on within.

The British people have lost their right to have their views and opinions listened to. When voting for any of the three main parties the parties have counted the votes of their loyal supporters only to discard their views.

Therefore, it is time now for an alternative and UKIP offers just that. We listen to the ordinary person in the street. Their opinions matter and all the UKIP policies are founded on the working people of this country whose views have sadly for so long been taken for granted and ignored.

Ian Williams Chair UKIP Torfaen Pontypool