AS with the recent accident in “The Tunnels”, the call goes out, “build a by-pass around this hazardous section of road”, when in fact it is not the road but the people behind the steering wheels on it. If it is dangerous why is it not littered with mangled wrecks 24 hours a day?

Unfortunately it only takes one or two dangerous, inconsiderate, or downright bad drivers to create an accident. Drivers on phones, at speed too close (bullying) the vehicle in front,( a favourite of some HGVs), constantly changing lanes hoping to gain a yard or two, no headlights on in the tunnel, and many more examples.

The system used on the M6 should be tried here, “Keep two chevrons apart” markings on the road and “All HGV, large vans, and vehicles leaving the Motorway, stay in the inside lane”.

If everyone, especially during rush hour, left a little earlier and observed some road/ driving discipline and courtesies, fewer accidents would happen.

But, as with most human activities, I’m afraid this ain’t gonna happen!

Derek Everett Crindau Road Newport