A YEAR ago a subscriber pointed to Terry Banfield’s bigotry, prejudice and ostensible research. All of that is evident in his letter attacking Christianity.

It has to be said that Christ and his disciples warned that the Gospel would become distorted, and history has demonstrated that. Nonetheless, it is a fact that the spirit of Christ can still touch the hearts of men to their betterment.

His letter is disgusting and in no way touches the heart of Christ and the meaning of the Atonement. I do not intend to bandy words with him except to comment on the term “blind obedience”.

My obedience to Christ is not blind, it is considered investigation has led to conviction.

Amongst my fellow-believers I include scientists and linguists and they certainly do not render “blind obedience”.

Mr Banfield should consider his own blindness. He has ordered the Creator out of his own universe in the conviction that it is self-created. As Einstein stated, that is against all sense of reason and all sense of truth.

Tom McCarthy Gaer Park Parade Newport