HAVING been unwell for some time, I was recently admitted to the Royal Gwent Hospital for treatment and tests. I am writing to thank the incredible staff at the hospital but also to share some of my observations with readers.

I left hospital after five days feeling like a new man thanks to the outstanding care that I received. I have so much respect for the team at RGH from cleaning staff to the doctors and nurses who work so hard with limited resources and equipment. They all have to work so fast to take care of patients - I saw one young nurse reduced to tears because she was being torn in so many directions by the demands of patients, they are under staffed and the pressures on the team are enormous.

On my ward the diverse range of patients was startling - some with severe mental problems, some admitted with pneumonia and all of whom needed care and attention from the medical team. Seeing nurses running from ward to ward in an attempt to find equipment that worked was a shock – I had no idea that our NHS was so badly underfunded and under resourced. To all the staff at RGH thank you for the incredible care that you give to the people of Newport and the surrounding areas.

Jim Davies Nash Newport