I NOTE the tenure of the articles concern the Royal Gwent Hospital is invariably negative. In particular there seems to be much criticism of the accident & emergency department. I can only comment on the experience I have had there and at the follow-up cardiac unit when I suffered a heart attack on December 6. Everyone I have met during this stressful time manifested deep concern and treated me with great respect and professionalism. I felt that I was treated with appropriate speed and the optimum care path chosen for me.

It was 10:30 in the morning I had the heart attack. My wife rushed me down to the Royal Gwent and after reporting in at reception, I was quickly taken through as a priority case due to the probably critical nature of what I was presenting. An electrocardiograph was taken and when a heart attack was confirmed I was moved to the Resuscitation area. A most friendly Accident & Emergency specialist called Tim rang through to the Bill Hobbs Cardiac Ward containing what I called the “Stent” lab. Within 60 minutes of me getting to the hospital I was being given an angioplasty to work out where the blockages were in my heart. They then fitted the first stent with a further one planned to be inserted in a few days after I had recovered from the first stent.

Yesterday I had confirmed that whilst I certainly did have a heart attack the heart scan shows no permanent damage was done because of the speed with which I was treated.

The doctors, nurses and paramedics all showed they were hardworking, highly motivated professionals, managing an increasing workload with decreasing budgets. It is important to balance the complaints of a minority with the positive experiences of the majority of patients passing through the hospital.

I feel great appreciation for the care given me by the hospital and the caring, hardworking professionals who looked after me during my crises, hence this response to recent negative comments published in your newspaper.

Jan Littlewood West Pontnewydd Cwmbran