V KEEBLE says that “if ever there was a time to turn to the teachings of Jesus, it is now”. What does he make of Jesus saying “resist not evil”? If we took this literally, murderers, thieves, child abusers would walk free without “let or hindrance”. Surely he must know that religious fanaticism was — and still is — the cause of much of the “turmoil and conflict” in the world?

The horrors of the inquisition, the insanity of the suicide bomber, the lethal rivalries of the different branches of Christianity in Ireland – all due to irrational belief, and the certainty of reward or punishment in an “after-life”.

If we calmly accept that this life is all we have, I try to make it a bit better, for others as well as ourselves — and in the term “others” I include the non-humans who share our planet. Then, as the song says, we can feel that “our living is not in vain”.

Mrs Jessie Boyd Narberth Crescent Llanyrafon