SO glad that Torfaen Borough’s Councillor Anthony Hunt is “on hand to answer questions and to discuss the 2014/15 budget”.

Surely the choice becomes either one of prolonged and ultimately unsustainable cuts to front-line services or investing in a reformed structure which will yield significant long-term savings and so mitigate the need for service cuts?

It is infinitely preferable to invest in a public sector that is fit for the future and to protect front-line services than to allow public services to decay and decline to the point of failure.

So why are Torfaen Council going along with the Con/Dem Government’s “austerity” programme when council re-organisation (according to the above quoted Williams Commission Report) will mitigate the actual need for service cuts? Some Torfaen Councillors are “off-message” to say the least!

Terry Banfield Cardigan Crescent Cwmbran Pitch is crowded