I WOULD like to comment on the article in the SWA on Friday 30th January.

You gave the impression the punch by Rhys happened at the end-of-game brawl. This was not so, as the punch was thrown, according to the match report in your own paper, during the last few moments of the game and during a mass brawl.

The referee appears to have had enough of this fighting and blew his whistle to end the game, at the end of the brawl – albeit a few minutes earlier than planned.

The WRU should have held an investigation into what was really an abandoned match, and any punishments to the clubs or individual players then handed down. Usually the punishment is accepted and all parties move on. In Rhys’s case, an individual, or maybe a club, decided to take the matter to court.

I believe Rhys, who is a dependable young family man, has been caught up in political shenanigans of Welsh club rugby.

Also, it appears the mass brawl started when Rhys had the ball trust into his face by a Cardiff player. Rhys’s retaliation may have been exaggerated but he certainly does not deserve a 12 month detention sentence. This whole incident has probably ruined a young man’s family life for years to come. Brian J Watkins Woodside Drive Newport