I HAVE often said that the Brynglas tunnels on the M4 around Newport were poorly suited for motorway traffic, but as Derek Everett points out (Argus January 30) the road itself is not dangerous, it’s just the way that some drivers use it.

Confining HGVs, coaches and cars with caravans to the inside lane of two-lane sections of motorways is common practice in several European countries, but the crucial difference is that other cars and light vehicles are legally obliged to overtake properly when using the outside lane (i.e. go faster and no “lane-hogging”) to keep the traffic moving, unlike here, where vehicles grind to a halt even when there has been no accident because all the lanes have been subjected to 50mph speed limits or even lower.

I have experienced the above idea in practice and most of the time it works; nothing is 100% but if it was applied here and the present variable speed limit scrapped I’m fairly sure that a lot of the congestion could be reduced.

Mr. A. Greenhalgh Ross Street Newport