YES Mrs J Mitchell of Exeter Road, Newport, I agree as many would. Streets and driveways are looking like tips, who on this, decided that its need of six receptacle boxes you should have outside your door for collection on various days, well very confusing. Our streets and driveways look like tips. Who decided we need six different boxes on our doorsteps, all for collection on different days? It’s all very confusing.

Someone told me it was the WAG’s idea. now I may understand as again I see as Jim Dyer Stockton Road wrote on January 27th Argus do we need this Cardiff Assembly, no way would I use it or AMs for any purpose, to me it’s a total waste of money, which Wales could use more for needs with this cost and would be beneficial for Wales and Rosemary Butler AM suggestion to recruit more AMs is an insult to the Welsh Economy. As J Dyer of Stockton Road wrote, the Welsh Assembly is a total waste of money. Do we need it? No way. That money could be better spent elsewhere in Wales.

Norma Richards Stevenson Court Rogerstone