SO much for the Labour Party in Wales fulfilling their pledge to stand up for Wales against the Tory-Lib Dem coalition government in Westminster.

Readers may not be aware that in Scotland, the SNP government has decided to pay the shortfall for the “bedroom tax”. It means those affected by this awful tax will not be evicted or fall into arrears. This means that in Scotland it has effectively been scrapped.

The First Minister was challenged on this issue by Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood to follow Scotland’s lead but the he made it clear he did not believe it was the duty of his government to minimise the impact of the “bedroom tax” on the people of Wales.

Thousands of people in my region are being affected by it, with many tenants unable to downsize because of a lack of affordable housing.

It is within Labour’s gift to stop the damage caused by the Bedroom Tax in Wales immediately. Their inaction when they have the power to help struggling people speaks volumes.

People Wales will quite rightly ask why the “bedroom tax” can be scrapped in Scotland but in Wales Labour won’t do anything and that is shameful.

Lindsay Whittle Plaid Cymru AM South Wales East