EVERY year hundreds of students from Wales benefit from going to other European countries to work or study as part of the EU Erasmus programme. Its aim is to help young people improve their skills and gain new experiences to help them with their future career. I know from the many young people who have come to Brussels on work experience in my office that they are fantastic ambassadors for Wales as well as learning a lot in the process.

In January the Erasmus scheme was widened to allow a lot more youth groups to take part. It also includes sports groups for the first time. In the European Parliament I supported these changes because I believe it will help us build our economy and make Wales a truly modern European nation. We really need to make Europe work for Wales and that means taking full advantage of every opportunity to help our young people get good jobs.

For further information please contact me at jill.evans-office@ep.europa.eu or look at the European Commission’s Erasmus + website at http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/index_en.htm Jill Evans Plaid Cymru Ystrad