YET again the Gwent Police bring South Wales to a halt.

Fact: road accidents happen, always have, always will! In France this would have been resolved within two hours. The economic and social damage caused by the Gwent Police’s inability to offer a measured and sensible response to a common accident knows no bounds. Our hearts go out to those who have suffered but bringing Wales to a grinding halt is not the answer.

Accidents happen, bad luck. How many serious hospital appointments were missed? Funerals missed? Children left waiting for parents? The sick or dying not visited? No the perfect little microcosm of reality the Gwent Police live in must not be disturbed.

There is a million to one chance someone could be prosecuted and PC Plod can have his day in court.

Accidents will happen just as easily on the much called for relief road.

It’s a fact if life accidents happen.

Robert Frost Cardiff