RECENTLY Rosemary Butler called for the number of AM in Wales to increase so I turned my attention to what they actually do. I checked out John Griffith’s website which had an opening gambit of: “Here you will find details of the work I do and how to contact me.”

I scoured the website but bar a couple of token pictures of him and Jessica Morden collecting litter in Alway posed for the cameras I could find no details of the work done. I then turned my attention to Rosemary Butlers quite why a town the size of Newport needs two AM I’m unsure again a load of pictures of her opening ceremonies etc (is that not what the Mayor is there for) but no details of what her role is. After ten minutes digging I gave up still unsure what these newly created public sector posts on 60K plus benefits and resettlement grants of £50k actually do. At a time when care for the elderly etc and front line social services are being cut do we really need these huge armies of overpaid governance with as far as I can see no real role in Wales.

C Bradley Caerleon Road Newport