MR CLEGG’S proposed tax raid on the income of millionaires will not even dent the national debt.

It is conceived from the same hate and jealousy which characterise many politicians of his political persuasion. The debt, a legacy of overspending by the previous Labour administration and currently fuelled by their extravagant public service contracts, is just too big for the tax raid to matter.

Even if ALL the wealth of ALL the millionaires in Britain was taken by Mr Clegg, the national debt would still be a colossal £430,000,000,000. If that’s too much to contemplate, think of it as more than £16,000 debt for each household in Britain – about the average take-home pay for a year.

If Labour is really serious about paying off their national debt, they will have to try harder to explain where they are going to get the money from. So I ask all the local politicians how they propose to pay off the Labour national debt and await their response with bated breath.

Mr Fee Newport