I AM fed up with reading negative, rugby articles by washed-up has beens, every time Wales lose. The same was written last year when Wales lost against Ireland. This current team can still make history and emulate the great 70s team.

Wales lost against Ireland because of ill discipline and handling errors. Once Ireland got their noses in front Sexton kicked, which pegged the Welsh team in the corners of their half. The back three couldn’t counter attack from deep. The forwards had no platform to help the backs launch any attacks from. So even Webb or Hook couldn’t spark the team on the back foot.

France will be a different team, their game plan will be to steamroller over Wales with their big forwards. Sadly Tipuric would be out muscled; The French players could become isolated, so when Lydiate chop-tackles them, Jenkins or Warburton would be able to force a turnover. Tipuric could come on with about 15-20 minutes to go when the game opens up – if Wales leading.

Andrew Nutt Heolddu Road Bargoed