THE INTERNET is a wonderful source for information. For example, via the councils site you can now simply put in your post code and it will tell when the next collect is.

And search further and you can find the council’s Sustainable Waste Plan 2013.

However, what is contained in this report, but not so in the A-Z or More Information links, is information on overfilled or as the report calls them top-hatted/overloaded bins.

On page 14 of their plan, it states ‘The council does not accept side waste and has a procedure in place for dealing with top-hatted overloaded bins’ and on the following page has images of the three warning labels they supposedly attach to offenders. It also says and that this can result in the council making attempts to assist residents in managing their waste and potentially issuing a fixed penalty notice for not controlling the waste streams.

But both fail to inform use by how much a bin lid can be ajar; an inch? Who knows? So if the council want people to comply with something they need to make the information easily available, and apply the three clicks rule for finding information on the web!

Dave Fothergill Newport