DID I go to bed in Newport only to wake up in La La Land?

I say this because of the following recent news bulletins in this paper, services cut (almost everywhere), job losses (almost in every industry), the most irritable bus stations in South Wales with most old folk including my dear old mother-in-law getting sent to the wrong end of town.

Then the icing on the cake, a proposed increase of over 4% for the council tax and I have no doubt more for the ghost service the police provide, I say ghost because you know they are there but you never see them.

A proposed rise for councillors in Newport (Why? What do they do for us?) And to add insult to an already battered populous the Welsh assembly want more AMs.

Ha ha, they have been sampling too much wine at their afternoon sessions.

The people of Newport and Wales will only stomach so much.

The time is getting near where they will voice their opinions in the elections and with their voices.

Ian Brown Coolgreany Close Newport